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Monday, October 11, 2010

Kaplan MD Review


kaplanMD Beverly Hills

From Dr Kaplan~

"Transitioning Skin" is the term I use to describe our skin as we experience life, or transition from one phase of life to another. For example, baby skin is different from teenage skin; teenage skin is different from adult skin.
It is important to understand that from the day we are born, we age hormonally. Puberty, acne, menstrual cycles, body maturation, changes in fertility rates are all signs of Natural Hormonal Progression. Up until our mid 20's, our hormones are on an upswing. However, we peak in our late 20's and early 30's, and from then on, there is a natural decline.
This natural decline of hormones, specifically estrogen (which both men and women have), causes a unique set of skin aging symptoms different from chronologic or sun damage alone. In fact, it is the combination of all 3 types of skin aging that causes skin to age. Some symptoms can be prevented, while others are genetic.
Only kaplanMD was designed from the ground up to specifically address all 3 types of skin aging in one, easy-to-use line.

Cleansing Lotion

KaplanMD Cleansing Lotion

KaplanMD Revitalizing Cleanser

Day Cream SPF 15

Kaplan MD Day Cream

Replenishing Night Cream

KaplanMD Replenishing Night Cream

I received one time samples of each of these products. I really enjoyed using them, but with the small sample I received I really wasn’t able to form an opinion.

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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Rose said...

sounds good. i'm inconsistent about putting anything on my face. rose