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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pudding No Bake Cookies

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I found this recipe the other day over at My Little Gems, and had to try it. I have three other no bake cookie recipes (Butterscotch, Peanut Butter and Chocolate), that my family loves, and now we have a new one! I didn't want to run to the store, so I used a White Chocolate pudding mix that I already had and I added some white chocolate chips and semi sweet chocolate chips to it. I can't wait to try it with a butterscotch pudding. There are also some variations- you can use peanut butter instead of the butter and use chocolate pudding, or a low fat version would be fat free pudding mix and low fat evaporated milk. It still has all the sugar, so you wouldn't be saving much.

Pudding No Bake Cookies

2 1/4 cups sugar
2 tablespoons butter
6 oz evaporated milk
4 oz instant pudding mix, I used white chocolate
3 2/3 cup oatmeal

In a large saucepan combine the sugar, butter, evaporated milk and the pudding mix. Cook until it reaches a full boil, then remove it from the heat and let it sit for 15 minutes to thicken. Add the oatmeal and stir well. I added some white chocolate chips and some regular chocolate chips, about 3/4 cup each. Then drop them out onto a cookie sheet with a cookie scoop.

1 comment:

Angie Mae said...

Hi, I made your "Pudding No Bake Cookies" last night and they turned out awesome! However, they were a little too sweet. 2 1/4 cups of sugar is an awful lot plus the pudding mix. I will definitely make these again as we love the butterscotch taste but I think I will reduce the sugar by 3/4 cup. Did you find this true? Thanks for the great recipe! I love your blog!