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Friday, December 17, 2010

JammyPack Review


JammyPack is a fist-pumping, high-kicking, retro, throwback speaker bag that easily connects to any iPod, mobile phone, mp3/cd player, hand held game or multi-media device.

It most closely resembles what some people call a “Fanny Pack”. We ask: What’s a Fanny Pack? This is JammyPack!

Make no mistake; these colorful side dishes are no novelty act. We have spared no expense searching the Globe for the perfect sound and materials:


Mr Pink

Absolutely, the highest-quality, water-resistant, silver stamped magnetic, open source, mini-speakers; boosting 3W of stereo-amplified beats. Engaging in the highest qualified range; volume with quality.

High-density, woven, rigid material that form fits to your waist to give the owner maximum support; necessary for any dance-off. Projecting sound upwards at the crowd; not a beat is lost.

4 x "AAA" batteries that will provide over 6 hours of non-stop, block-rockin' tunes.

I was excited to try out the Jammypack! I loved the bright pink Jammypack that they sent my to try. So, I know you’re worried that the Jammypack looks like a fanny pack, well, it’s worn a little different, so that takes care of that

problem! I strapped it on, low on my hip, kind of on the side. All I had  to do to make music is put 3 double A batteries in the adapter, then I hooked it into my mp3 player and I had music! I love the extra pockets to put things in! I’m going to be using this when I’m out on some runs this summer!



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~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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Way too cute and very useful.
Thanks for stopping by and I now following your blog too.