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Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Fit For 2011~Start Now By Following These Tricks!


Not to say you shouldn’t hit the gym—exercise is always a good idea. But with fall comes cozy sweaters, time with family. . . and high-caloric comfort foods. Good autumn foods like stews, pumpkin and apple desserts, and cream-based casseroles offer near-constant temptation. So how can a girl resist? Try these 10 ways for fending off fall calories and keeping your figure fall fabulous. 
Fall Plates
Fool your brain and your stomach with this trick. It’s so tempting to pile up your plate with delicious fall foods, and that’s where the problem starts—with the plate! Shop around for smaller autumn-themed plates that will make your meal special, or use smaller dessert or salad plates you already own. Cutting back plate real estate forces you to take smaller portions, which is always a great idea with rich holiday food.
Curb the Alcohol
Drinks like brandy, aged whiskeys and spiced wines are part of the seasonal drink menu, but they can add pounds to your waistline. While it may be tempting to warm up by the fire with your favorite fall drinks, alcoholic beverages are hardly low in calories. Limit your alcoholic drinks to just one a week and win the battle of the bulge. 
Weekly Sweets
Denying an irresistible treat like marshmallow fudge is cruel and unusual punishment—if you deny yourself every day. If you must indulge, start your week with a declaration: "I will only eat sweets on __________." You fill in the day—and don’t overdo it on that day. Just be sure to place tempting treats out of sight for the rest of the week so it’s not easy to grab and go!
Non and Low
Fall recipes call for lots of cheeses and milk. Cut calorie corners where you can by choosing non-fat and low-fat dairy products for cooking. If you cannot go total non-fat, go half-and-half. Even a slight shearing of calories helps. 
No Late Night Snacks
Watch the late night horror flick without the popcorn by setting a snack time cut-off for yourself and your household. If you must munch, pick up an apple or banana. 
Grill, Baby, Grill
Even though fall's here, don’t cover the grill. Keep it out and use it a few times a week. Try grilling your favorite fall vegetables (doesn’t grilled butternut squash sound heavenly?) and low-fat meats. Turkey is a good grilling bird too!
Those fluffy crescent rolls are divine but fattening, and lack the nutritional value of whole wheat. Stick with whole wheat rolls next time—better for you and is less traumatic on your waistline. 
Green Means Lean
Bring green foods to the table every day. Try different salads with dried cranberries, shredded carrots and toasted nuts. Make a cold salad out of chopped green beans, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, slivered toasted almonds, olive oil, and garlic.
Bring Your Own Potluck
Take a potluck dish with you when you attend fall parties. Make your dish a low-calorie and healthy option, and share with friends. When you fix your plate, sample your host's foods but make your healthy dish the largest component of your meal.
Figure-Friendly Dips
At your get-togethers, offer dips that are low in calories. Try hummus, baba ganoush or a yogurt-based dip, and serve with pita bread (soft or toasted), carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and other vegetables.
Try these and see how they work for you this fall and beyond. Do you have any good tips to cut back in a season full of feasting?

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