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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beecology Review


Beecology: All Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, Bath and Body Products,  Lip Balms.  Not to mention organic and all natural soaps!

About Beecology~

About four years ago a co-worker of mine asked if he could put a beehive at my family farm. I said yes, thinking I would bear no responsibility, but (here it comes) after two weeks his wife became pregnant and he told me he couldn't tend to them. I was a beekeeper by default. At first I couldn't believe I would be taking care of bees, but I soon became fascinated with bee culture and science. I started to learn about bees and attended workshops at The Ohio State University agricultural campus. Beyond enjoying the science of bees, just the act of tending to bees gave me time to reflect. It became a very cathartic activity. And I started to realize that the world of bees imitated our life on earth. The tiniest changes in the environment are reflected in the bees' environment, which led me to think about the foods we eat and the chemicals we use and the impact these outside factors have on bees and on us. These small revelations made me want to make products from bees that are better for us than what our mothers and fathers have been using. Products as natural as I can make them without sacrificing quality and the safety of our customers. From that came the idea of "Beecology" and its charitable arm,

                                           Buzz Balm "Super Sting" Peppermint Lip Balm

Buzz Balm "Super Sting" Peppermint Lip Balm

I love a lip balm with a little buzz to it! Buzz Balm leaves my lips feeling minty fresh and moisturized too.

                                         Original Honey Hand & Body Cream

Original Honey Hand & Body Cream

Have you ever put a lotion on and your hands go ahhhh! Well, that’s what my hands did when I put this lotion on. It even made my hands look better! I knew as soon as I put this lotion on my hands that I had to try it on my legs and feet, they are always so dry. The lotion made my legs look and feel better too, and my poor summer dry heels, wow! This lotion is amazing!

Shampoos, conditioners, lotions soaps, lip balms and other products made from bee products.

Beecology also has Handmade Natural Soaps!

They sent me samples of 6 of their soaps and they are wonderful. They make a nice lather, they smell good and they don’t dry out my hands as much as some soaps do. The other things I like about them are, they don’t soften up and make my soap dish goopy and they they come in great colors!

Beecology has lots of other products too! Be sure and stop by and check out their line.

You can connect with Beecology on these social media’s, Twitter and Facebook.

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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