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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Be Present Review

be present logo

Modern day yoga is often characterized with an appreciation of the present moment. be present is more than a clothing line, it is a way of life. To be present, one must always live a balanced lifestyle: listen to your body, let yourself daydream, have fun, sweat, pay attention to your social, sexual and spiritual being. At the core of be present are the seven chakras. Symbolizing energy centers in the body, each chakra is associated with a color and a symbol. Chakras are essential to the clothing line - which consists of shirts, pants, camisoles and matching chakra panties. The colors for the line are inspired by the colors of the chakras. Need more grounding? Red is root chakra, attributed to stability and inner strength. Want to feel sexy? Orange is sacral chakra, associated with being sensual. Big day ahead of you? Yellow is solar plexus chakra, associated with energy and increased confidence. Need a hug? Green is heart chakra, associated with compassion and unconditional love. Feeling shy? Blue is throat chakra, associated with increased communication and creativity. Want to be psychic? Indigo is third eye chakra, associated with the unconscious self. Need wisdom? Purple is crown chakra, associated with wisdom and the spiritual world.

Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank

The Red top represents the Root Chakra – when this top is worn it provides the wearer with additional stability and inner strength.


This is the Jade top and it represents the Heart Chakra – when you wear this top it opens the heart to allow the wearer to experience compassion and unconditional  love.

Our Renew Ribbed Chakra Tanks are now available in new fall colors. These tanks are made from a 50/50 blend of rPET (an eco-friendly fabric made of recycled plastic bottles) and organic cotton. They are available in 7 colors with the corresponding chakra printed on the back.

The top I received for my review was Indigo which represents the Third Eye Chakra – this allows you to be at one with your unconscious self, this chakra is located in between your eyes on your forehead.

I really love this tank top, the fabric is nice and soft and it’s a great shirt for working out in. I love workout wear that you forget you’re wearing because it’s so comfortable, soft and non binding. Be sure and check out all the great yoga wear from  Be Present!

Each color has its corresponding chakra screen printed on the back.

These tops are all from the  “Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank” Here’s a little more information~

Fitted body with long torso

  • 2 x 1 knit rib
  • Heathered colors
  • Available in 7 chakra colors with the corresponding chakra printed on the back
  • Each shirt made diverts 3-5 plastic bottles from a landfill

To further explain the last bullet point – this top is part of our “Renew Collection” which is an eco-friendly line made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton.

You can find Be Present on these social media’s, Twitter and Facebook.

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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