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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work's For Me Wednesday and Whole Wheat Bread

Today I'm linking up with We Are That Family for Works For Me Wednesday. Today's addition is Mom I'm Bored! Here's some of the things we like to do in the summer~

1) Go to the library, ours has a summer reading program and craft activities for kids
2) Go to the special movie our theater has for kids, a different one each week and it's cheap
3) Pack up a picnic and snacks and go to the outdoor pool for the day
4) Go for a hike, we like to take the dogs
5) Go to the second hand store and buy a toy or a movie, usually around a buck.
we would do this every week when the kids were little, cheap entertainment!
6) Pajama day
7) Tourist in your own town or a nearby town
8) Go to a different park each week
9) Give the kids their lunches and let them eat out in the back yard
10) Play dates

Be sure to stop by We Are That Family and see what everyone else's ideas are for Mom I'm Bored!

I found this recipe over at The Pleasures of Homemaking, Manuela made it and it looked so good! I love how fast and easy this bread is! You only have to let it raise once. Just remember if you add the eggs it doesn't last as long sitting in a bread box. For some reason eggs make bread dry out faster.

Whole Wheat Bread

(take out of the fridge; 4 T. dry yeast and 2 come to room temp.)
In mixing bowl pour:
5 Cups hot tap water
2 Teaspoons salt, I like to add the salt after I add some of the flour, because salt can kill yeast
2/3 Cup of oil
2/3 cup of honey
The 4 Teaspoons dry yeast
Then add the 2 eggs
Mix in your flour...

(for "all" wheat bread, you'll add 11 1/2 cups wheat flour)
(for "all" White bread, add 12 cups white four)
(for 1/2 Wheat & 1/2 White bread, add 9 1/2 cups Wheat flour & 3 1/2 cups White flour)

(important tip)...Add the flour "until" the dough "leaves" the sides of the mixing bowl.
After the flour is all mixed in, leave the machine to knead it for..10 minutes...

Pour a pool of oil on your counter top,
Pull the dough out, with oiled hands, push all the dough into a big ball.
Cut that ball into 4 pieces...shape each piece into a loaf, place in Pam-sprayed pans.

Set the 4 pans of dough on top of the stove, cover with thin kitchen towel...
Turn oven on to 350*....Let bread raise for about 35 minutes, until it's about 1 1/2 inches above side of pan.
Place them in the oven..set the timer for 35 minutes.
When done, take them out, place each loaf on the cooling rack, slightly butter the tops..let cool.
(You can add raisins, sunflower seed etc. to this bread)


The Mennobrarian said...

Can you tell me how many loaves this recipe makes? Thanks.

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

Yum Yum! Looks so good I will be trying this recipe. We love fresh bread here!