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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Contest at eShakti and Easy Green Jello

Who is the eShakti Woman?

What does she do? Is she under 30 or over? What would you say about her lifestyle? Her income? Her education level? more... Most importantly, what kind of person is she in her head?

Who do you think is The eShakti Woman? Enter The eShakti Woman contest and tell us!

To do this click on this link and answer the two questions below.

All you have to do is answer the following two questions:

1.Who is The eShakti Woman?
(in 25 words or less, please.)

2.Pick any three products from eShakti that you think represents eShakti the best.

Tell us why you think they represent eShakti the best. (in 30 words or less, please)

Answer these two questions, and win up to $250!!

One first prize of $250
And 25, YES TWENTY-FIVE prizes of $50.

And everyone wins- every entrant in the contest get $10 Gift Certificate from eShakti. (Only one per entrant please)

And no need to purchase anything to enter the contest!

eShakti will choose the winners based on both the quality of the thought and the revelence of eShakti.

All prizes will be gift certificates to be used in eShakti.

Entries can be sent in from today up to 12 midnight Pacific Time, March 31, 2010.

Don't forget my giveaway! You can find the details here! I want to thank all my new followers that signed up and my old followers, well, you know, not "old" but you know who you are! Thanks for following me!

This is the kind of picture you get if you ask one of your kids to take a picture before they consume the rest of something! Chauncey took this picture for me. The kids loved the jello! I love it when I remember to make jello! This would be really good with pineapple in it!

Easy Green Jello

1 lg package green jello
2 cups boiling water
2 cups buttermilk

Mix the jello with the boiling water. I like to use a whisk and whip it for 2 minutes or so to make sure it's dissolved. Add the buttermilk and mix well. Refrigerate for half a day until set.

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Moxie said...

I did not knoe you ould mix a milk product with jello! I may try this with orange and see if it's kinda like a creamcicle(sp??) YUM!!

Mad Woman said...

I love the eShakti stuff. I've got a post about this coming up later as well.

And um...YUM!! I 'm totally trying that jello!