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Friday, May 13, 2011

Surf Sweets Review


The Surf Sweets brand was inspired by fun, healthy lifestyles and food choices. Sunny days on the beach, riding a few waves, and enjoying the best candy on the planet – what could be better?
Since we love candy and eat it regularly, we thought it made sense to offer candy that not only tastes fantastic, but that is a better choice for you, your family and for the environment.
Surf Sweets is part of TruSweets, LLC. Our company is committed to offering you great tasting candy and building a long-lasting relationship with you for many years to come.
We would love to hear from you, so please don’t be shy about contacting us with questions, feedback or ideas.
Get out your Surf Boards and ride the wave of natural flavor with us.
See you at the Beach!

Surf Sweets is a company that makes a variety of candy that contain organic fruit juice, natural colors and flavors and contain Vitamin C. Some of the candy is also Gluten Free and Casein Free and there are also vegan varieties. And, all of the candies are made in a nut free facility. You can purchase Surf Sweets candies online or find a store near you.

My kids really enjoyed the different candy’s from Surf Sweets. I think their favorite was the jelly beans. It’s so nice to know that the kids can still have a treat and not have all those pesky food dyes and additives.

You can connect with Surf Sweets on these social media’s, Facebook and Twitter.

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