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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blessings Chakra Pillows Review



More than just eye pillows, the Chakra pillows work on balancing the body energy centers (main nerve pathways) called Chakras. Use the pillows hot or cold and let the healing powers of color and aroma balance your energy. These are more powerful then you might think.

You need these pillows, actually you need them all but start with one. Why? Because they are great partners in times of trouble and times of ease. With Color and Aroma Therapy They will sooth and ease your anxiety, (Green, Indigo) They will uplift and energize you (Red, Yellow, Blue), They will clear you ( White, Purple) awaken your creativity (Orange). They are such gentle and delightful supporters in challenging times try one and you will be a convert. Chakra Pillows watch the video and see what they can do for you.

I was excited to try my Chakra pillow. I received the White which is for Clarity and Strength. It helps when you are feeling confused or unclear. I have been placing it over my eyes at night and I fall into a good nights sleep! I usually fall asleep pretty easy, so I’ve used this several times when I was having trouble sleeping and Voila, I’m in a deep sleep in no time.

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