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Friday, April 22, 2011

B Kind 2 Earth Day



Since today was B Kind 2 Earth Day my family decided to put on their t~shirts and rescue some bicycles from a farmers field. This not only made the field look nicer, but they picked out a couple of bicycles that they wanted to restore!


So, you can see that these bicycles weren’t just in a big pile that were easy to grab. Nope, they were covered with leaves, branches and other things.


This is my sweet hubby and our neighbor looking at what they were able to load up in the trailer.


They were kind of tucked away in a pretty place in the trees.


Just because it’s Earth Day I thought I would share this picture Chauncey took, because it’s kind of cool. This is a tree that’s been cut up and it was laying on the ground. The tree just didn’t want to die and it’s sending up sprouts!


That is only part of the bicycles that they salvaged, they brought home a load of them yesterday too!


This is the bicycle that Chauncey chose to restore, it has a banana seat and it reminds me of one my brother had back in the 60’s.

Chauncey got right to work and cleaned up the bicycle and found parts to make it ride~able. He wants to put a clear coat on it to make the red paint shine.


Ken got this bicycle working for Sloan. They picked out a taller pair of handlebars and a different seat. She found some pink and some blue paint that she wants to paint it.

We had fun wearing our shirts and working on bicycles today and thinking of the good times we will have this summer riding our vintage bicycles!


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Momma Teri said...

That is amazing that you found so many. Lovely photos!

It is a great day at Mom to Bed by 8.