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Friday, March 18, 2011

How I Find Some Time For Myself


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Do you ever feel a little overwhelmed as a mom? I have found by scheduling a little time for me each day, I actually am more productive during the day.

So, are you wondering what I do for my me time? I exercise. Yup, that’s right. I usually get up at 4am or 4:30am if I want to sleep in a little. In the winter I go to the gym, I’m usually the first one there and I hop on the elliptical and just go. It’s so great to have some time to myself first thing in the morning to just clear my head and plan my day.


When the weather is nice outside I like to go for some runs on trails in the mountains. I know lots of trails that are different lengths so I go go for a few miles or several depending on how long I want to be out. I usually do my trail runs after the kids get off to school.

I also like to have some time to myself after the kids go to bed. That’s when I can watch a little tv or read a book and not be disturbed.

If you have little ones at home nap time is always a great time to sneak in some me time. If you want to use nap time to do other things, you could just reserve half an hour or so for yourself.

I think I can handle what life throws at me by having some time to myself.

I hope these tips help you find a little "me time."

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