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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Love One Another~A Song For Sunday

I love this song and this morning I found some additional lyrics that discuss some of the events during and after the Last Supper, where the commandment to "Love One Another" was given.

On this sacred night
Jerusalem slept while the lanterns burned bright
In this upper room where in rev'rence the Lord
Sat with his apostles and taught them his word,
Taught them in his final hour.


On this holy eve
He told his apostles that soon he must leave,
But they must take courage for when he was gone,
His work would continue, his kingdom live on!
And in this sacred hour he said...


At this sacred time
He served his apostles the bread and the wine
And told them, "Do this in remembrance of me
And then shall my Spirit continue to be
Always with you when I go."


Within this great hall
He taught how a master's the servant of all
And, as an example, arose from his seat,
Bent down on his knees and then washed their feet.
And in this sacred hour he said...


Oh sacred day,
When he left for the garden to pray,
And that all men might live, how he bled,
Then was captured by wicked men,
And by them was he taken and tried,
On Calvary's hill, he suffered and died!
How he loved them, and he told them...

Love One Another

As I have loved you, love one another.

This new commandment, love one another.

By this shall men know ye are my disciples If ye have love one to another.


Pamela said...

Beautiful song. I certainly hope that people can tell I am a disciple of Jesus by my love for others.

Rose said...

beautiful song. the words are so descriptive and true. i've never heard it before thanks rose