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Monday, January 10, 2011

Eventually Year!

My husband has remodeled several bathrooms, some for family some for friends. Yup, he’s a regular Mr. Fixit when it comes to DYI projects!  Some of the projects he was paid for and some he just did to help out. It was a little hard for me to stay silent about our two unfinished bathrooms through all the renovations he did on other bathrooms. I kept telling myself that ours would be finished eventually. Well, guess what this year is? It’s Eventually Year for me! I was so excited when my sweet hubby took me to a local store to pick out some tile for a tile surround. So many beautiful tiles and tile borders to choose from!  I am so glad that I have a husband that is a do it yourselfer! He can tackle any kind of building or remodeling project and even works on cars. My hubby claims that having the right tools is one of the secrets to getting a job done right.

My hubby has a lot of tools that he has collected over the years that really help him do all of the home improvement projects that he’s done for us and for others.  He has always been a Sears shopper for his tools because he says that they’re quality can’t be beat.

So if you hear the sounds of hammers and saws when you pass by my house you’ll know that my hubby is in using his Sears tools and I’m walking around grinning ear to ear because this is Eventually Year!

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~I wrote this post in the hope of being chosen to have it used on the Sears Hometown blog and for the chance of earning a gift card. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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