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Wednesday, January 12, 2011




By Stefan Aschan

Believe it – it is possible.

Stop dieting. Stop obsessing about fat. Stop taking pills, going for surgery and injections to look trim and younger. Just simply stop. You can look, feel and live longer and younger NATURALLY. Stefan Aschan’s “New Youngsters” do, and he shows you how to become one in the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets: The Natural Way to Look and Feel 5, 10 or even 20 Years Younger (on sale: January 9th, 2010).

The Alpine Weight Loss Secrets is based on lifestyle lessons gleaned from individuals who live in an Alpine environment and Aschan’s 17 years-plus in the weight loss and youngevity arena.

The New Youngsters, he contends, have abandoned the “old” body solutions (fix me up with pills, injections, and surgery) and instead have mastered the natural approach – Fresh Air Living – to create a youthful shape, spirit and staying power. New Youngsters are in it for the long term; to look, move and feel young every day. The New Youngsters know that just weighing less doesn’t guarantee looking great (and rarely gives you the enjoyment you expect). Their goal is to move with natural movement patterns, enjoy wholesome foods, and synchronize with the earth energy to rise above aging, weight gain and loss of energy.

Stefan Aschan has combined weight loss, youngevity and longevity tactics from his native Alpine lifestyle along with cutting-edge, proven scientific techniques from his Master’s degree in nutrition, his experience in the culinary arts, as well as working in the weight loss arena for more than 17 years in both the US and Europe. He speaks 2 languages, has worked as hairstylist, athletic instructor, Wall street analyst, and has explored and taught many different forms of movement techniques, including Bootcamp, Ballet, Spinning, Aerobics, Power Punch, Stretching, Body Sculpt, Athletic Conditioning, Body Building, and Roller Blading.

You might outsource your life, says Stefan, but you can’t outsource your body. Commit to this program and see transformative, life-changing results. What can you expect?

· Achieve never-ending motivation. Implement Stefan’s simple tricks to enjoy years of activity without the boredom. Rediscover exercise enthusiasm!

  • Stop seeing weight loss as an end goal—and lose weight for good! An unhealthy focus on losing pounds narrows your world view and paradoxically keeps you from that goal. Instead, Stefan shows you how to start living more and weighing less naturally.
  • Stop the body blame-game. Ever thought; “If only I had better genes, a faster metabolism, more coordination, better balance?” Take responsibility for yourself. Stefan teaches you the skills, strategies and techniques to use and enjoy your body at its highest physical potential.
  • A flatter belly in as little as 2 days! Hey, Stefan understands that instant gratification can go a long way toward long-term motivation.

Reset, rethink and recondition your reality, your system, your thinking, and your body--become a New Youngster. The Alpine Weight Loss Secrets help you to flex your mental muscle and work out smarter, not harder.

About The Author:

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria, Stefan Aschan is the founder of and personality behind, STRENGTH 123 and author of the Alpine Weight Loss Secrets. Stefan’s revolutionary Strength 123 and Mental Detox™ programs are specifically designed to address the human body inside and out. His principles are surprisingly simple; properly executed movements and proper nutrition builds a lean defined body and clears the mind. Stefan believes that regardless to age, only a clear mind can focus on building a strong, agile and flexible body.

Stefan’s roots in fitness and nutrition began in Austria. His passion in fitness started in primary school by being a competitive athlete in sports such as wide & high jumping, 100 m sprints and down hill skiing. His love to nutrition was developed on the organic farms in Lower Austria and continued through while working as a culinary apprentice. While receiving his Culinary Arts Degree, Stefan was further bit by the “fitness bug” and continued training at the local gyms and fitness facilities in his area. Never one to shy away from physical activity Stefan also began playing American football. His friends and colleagues continuously told Stefan that his energy and outlook on life was too great to be bottled up in Europe and urged him to move to a country with a braoder outlook-- the United States.

Commitment and discipline are key components of Stefan’s personality. In 1997, equipped with two suitcases and a goal, Stefan immigrated to the United States. Once in New York, he obtained his Degree in Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business while continuing to work towards many of his fitness certificates (he currently has nine) he completed as well his Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. Not someone to be satisfied with three degrees, Stefan is now looking forward to starting his PhD in the near future.

Alpine Weight Loss Secrets

The Natural Way to Look and Feel 5, 10 or even 20 Years Younger

By Stefan Aschan

(On sale: January 9th, 2011).

~I was not paid or compensated for this post, just passing on information.


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