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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PART 2: Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Holiday


Learn to Manage the Stress and Enjoy the Season, PART 2

That time of year is just around the corner, the time for family gatherings, good food and merriment.  But along with all the rejoicing comes the extra stress and challenges of the holidays. Prominent Los Angeles-based life coach Dennis Grounds weighs in again with more tips on how to survive the holiday season. 

Food: During the time of year where extra calories lurk around every corner, it’s important to notice what your eating and why. The average holiday weight gain is 9 lbs, most of which is never lost! Are you eating to entertain yourself and distract yourself from the family? Because you are bored? Eat when you are hungry and just say no and walk away when you are not.

Gifts: Gifts have lost their meaning. If you’re wondering what to get people, remember that everyone loves love. Write a love letter from your heart to theirs, they will cherish it long after a piece of clothing goes out of style or an electronic becomes out-dated. Remember, no matter how big or small, the thought signals your love and that’s what counts. 

History: History is mostly what we have with family. The challenge is catching our relationship up in the short amount of time we have together over the holidays. I have to be just so. There are all sorts of conversations that haven’t been had (the good, the bad and the ugly) and we are going to catch up on all of them in a few days? That seems like a set up for disappointment and upset. Laugh about your history or redirect the conversation. You cannot control other people but you can manage your own thoughts, feelings and body. Do that!

Holiday Traditions: Holiday traditions are a great way to share community with others. Pick and choose what your participate in. Healthy boundaries are good for you and others. There is no perfect holiday other than the one you choose and experience. Have fun!

Holidays are meant to be a time of closeness and celebration. If it isn’t that way for you, start designing and living the holiday that you imagined.  Choose how you feel, where you go and what you do.


suburban prep said...

I so needed to read this right now because I am way too stressed.

Rose said...

it's easy to get stressed but 9lbs. seems too much this are would be my concern.