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Friday, December 17, 2010

Do You Need A Spa Day?

Do you feel a little tired and stressed? Do you need a little time out? Well, I found some great bath products that would be great for a little at home spa time! Eden Fantasy is an Adult Store, but you can find a great selection of lingerie and bath products.


Shunga bath and shower gel

Make your bath delicious with Shunga aromatic gel. This vegetable oil based gel soothes and moisturizes.


Bathing gel - mint tree

Cleansing, refreshing and silky smooth, these indulgent bath and shower gels have lured lovers the world over. Experience their subtle sensations on your skin as their rich, satiny lathers wash inhibitions away. Created from a blend of ten naturally moisturizing vegetable oils, Vitamin E-rich wheat germ and a uniquely enticing fragrance, these gels turn a simple ritual into a sensual interlude. Mint Tree cools and tingles and Wild Clove spreads a warm glow. For use in the shower or for a luxurious bubble bath, this gel is even gentle enough to use as shampoo.


Aroma mist

Few joys tantalize your senses as effectively as your sense of smell. Your choice of System JO Aroma Mist will perfume your environment and help you face the rigors of the day or relax afterwards. So uplift your soul, pamper yourself and enhance your intimate moments with System JO Aroma Mist.

JO Aroma Mist will revive your senses leaving you rejuvenated and recharged, with a fresh, clean scent and a bright outlook on life.

~I received a gift card for this review. All opinions expressed are mine.

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