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Thursday, December 9, 2010

AquaEssentials Thermal Mud Review



Women around the world are discovering the unique and amazing beauty and skin care products that come from the most distinctive spas in Europe and Latin America. Acquaessentials makes these beauty and skin care lotions, scrubs, gels, solar protection & after sun products, anti cellulite cosmetics, and anti wrinkle creams available exclusively online and right at your fingertips. The instant you apply our Mondariz, Caviahue and Exel Biocosmetics lines of skin care products your skin will feel smoother, softer and younger. Experience Caviahue, Mondariz and Exel Biocosmetica and feel rejuvenated in skin that is healthier looking and beautiful to the touch.

Caviahue Thermal Mud

Diminish the signs of aging now! Caviahue Thermal Mud is one of the most unique skin care products and deep cleansing facial masks in the world. One of its main ingredients is the thermal waters that flow from the inside of a volcano and are charged with the right minerals and oxygenated properties that purify the skin, leaving it smoother, softer and beautiful. You will feel a natural lifting of your facial and neck skin when you use the thermal mud regularly and as instructed.


  • Helps diminish the signs of aging
  • Deeply cleans and purifies
  • Unclogs pores and allows your skin to breathe
  • Provides the balanced blend of minerals from Caviahue thermal water and Caviahue volcanic clay
  • Leaves the skin smoother, softer and absolutely beautiful

This facial mask is amazing! First off, for being mud, it smells good! It also felt really good on my face as I applied it. A little scary though when I looked in the mirror, so it was a good thing my sweet hubby wasn’t home or the kids! Yikes! The package included a nice little sponge which made it really easy to wash it off. I can’t even begin to tell you how good my skin looked and felt after removing the mask! I really think it’s made my skin look younger and fresher! It kind of gave me a glow! I can’t wait to use it again next week!

Here’s some fall skin care tips I found at AquaEssentials~

*Image: *LadyDragonflyCC-Happy Halloween!!!, “Leaves are Falling” October 7, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

As the leaves fall and the season changes, our skin might find it more difficult to retain its natural moisture. Fortunately, there are a few habits you can pick up to help your skin stay healthy, moisturized and beautiful this fall.

1. Moisturize twice a day: During the day use cream with an SPF of least 15 to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin. Use a night cream before you go to bed to help rejuvenate your skin while you sleep.

2. Drink water: At least 8 glasses a day will keep your body and skin hydrated.

3. Get a good night’s rest: At least 7-8 hours of sleep per night will allow your skin’s cells to breathe and absorb all the nutrients from your night cream.

4. Exfoliate: Getting rid of dead cells and impurities helps renew your skin’s outer layer. Choose natural products that are free of chemicals and contain water. A natural mud mask is a great option. Remember to exfoliate once a week.

5. Use a thermal water spray: The effects of dry atmosphere, like rooms with air conditioning or heaters, increase natural loss of moisture in your skin. Thermal water sprays are good allies that allow you to quickly re-hydrate.

Be sure and stop by AquaEssentials and do a little pampering for yourself!

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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