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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How the iPhone 4 is Changing Communication As We Know It


There have been many claims throughout the years that a certain tool or vehicle is going to change the way in which we communicate. Technology and communication are
quite important to all of us and therefore we perk our ears up when we hear something like that. So what can really accomplish this claim? Is there a tool or new gadget out there that will really revolutionize how we communicate with each other? The closest to this claim that we can find is the iPhone 4 which is truly revolutionary and offers features that no other phone or tool of its kind ever has before. What makes it so great and so useful?

Video Conferencing from Anywhere

Here’s one of the most important things that set this phone apart from any other—the video conferencing feature. No matter where in the world you are or what you are doing, you can see the other party on the other end of the phone. You can videoconference
and therefore have the ability to see the people you are talking to. This is huge and has never been done before! Sure we’ve all become familiar with video conferencing in the workplace but not from our cell phones and surely not from anywhere that we happen to be. This is the single most important feature of this new phone by far!

Real Time Communication

In addition to the video conferencing feature, you can also use each and every feature in real time. That means that you can edit a video on the go, keep up to date with all of your communication, and do anything that you want as you move throughout the day. Not all phones allow this and therefore they are a bit limited in their approach. So while other phones make you wait to handle certain things, this is not one of them and is
therefore a pretty cool feature.

No Network and Fast and Easy

When you use a feature such as the video conferencing one, you don’t need a standard network to do so. When you go to do certain things through your phone as you did before, it happens to be a lot faster and far easier. The speed and ease of use make
this phone such an important vehicle in the way in which we communicate with each other. Though this is not a phone that everybody will have right away, it is certain to be one that others try to model after and something that we will all use some form of in the future.

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Kirsten said...

My one year old is always tapping and swiping on my phone screen... they made it so easy to use, that she knows how to work it quite easily!

Barbara Bakes said...

I recent bought a Droid and love it. I can see how these phones can be changing our lives.