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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Dog Story About~True Christmas Love!


We had a dog when I was growing up, but I was more of a cat person. I always had a cat when I was growing up and I have always been drawn to cats. But alas, over the years I developed allergies and cats and dogs really made my allergies worse. Then we found out that Miniature Schnauzers don’t bother my allergies! I was so happy! I thought Wow, they are cute and they’re small, almost cat size. I was excited thinking about having a pet again!

We have had several little schnauzers over the years, but Seamus is the one that has truly captured my heart. He is my son Chauncey’s dog. He was 6 weeks old when we brought him home and so tiny and sweet! Of course being the mom and with Chauncey off at school all day most of the housebreaking and training fell on me. Soon I had Seamus following me around the house. When I would sit down to watch TV he would curl up on my feet. I think he felt like he was back in the puppy pile with his brothers and sisters. I don’t mind, he keeps my feet warm in the winter!

Seamus is such a great little dog with a big personality! He especially loves to go for a run! He loves to run a head on the trail and look for squirrels!. He also loves runs on country roads and making friends with the horses and cows. One time we had to pull cactus needles out of his leg. Yes, he can be a little to adventuress!

Seamus is always up for a ride in the car. When the weather is nice he likes to hang his head out the window. Have you ever tried that? I would rather put my arm out the window and let my hand dance in the wind. Well, that’s probably why Seamus likes to put his head out the window, the wind blows his beard and his Mohawk and they dance in the wind. Did you notice his little Mohawk in the picture?

Seamus has stolen my heart with all his little quirks! I know sometimes he thinks that he’s the same size as our friends English Sheep dog, yet he can curl up and take a nap on my lap. Speaking of quirks, it never fails that Seamus will be taking a nap at 8:30pm, we call it his last nap before bed time!

Seamus loves me and our family with his whole little heart! That kind of love, pure unselfish love, is what Christmas is all about. That kind of love is the best Christmas gift of all.

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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

He's just precious Carol. I've always been a doggie person and he is indeed a little blessing.

Merry Christmas!

Tru Hero said...

That is a wonderful story! Seamus is such a cute little guy!

EmptyNester said...

We got our little Tucker (aka Tucky poo; Tuckeriffic; Puppy wuppy woo woo woo...ect.) to help us fill our empty nest. Even Hubs loves this little dog! I bet he would love to play with Seamus--they could chat and tell each other how spoiled they are! LOL

Laurie said...

I gave you a blog award :)

Chantel said...

Raised on a ranch, we always had attack dogs that were totally off-limits to pet. So I have NO experience with puppy love.

After saying no for a decade to my three boys....I finally said yes. Hazel is five months old....and has completely taken my heart. Merry Christmas indeed!