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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Potcake Collars Review

                         Potcake Collars

 Potcake Collars has unique collars and bandana’s with an island feel and we want our dogs to look stylish don’t we! First I’ll let you know what a Potcake is, then we’ll talk about some fun things for your dogs!

Do you know what a potcake is?

 "Potcake" is the Bahamian term for the thick, leftover food that remains in the bottom of a pot of peas 'n rice after several reheatings.Traditionally, Bahamians fed potcake to the outdoor, indigenous dogs that freely populated the Bahamas. Hence the dogs have come to be known as Potcakes. Although officially considered mixed breed dogs, the Royal Bahamian Potcake is now a recognized breed in The Bahamas. They have distinct characteristics of size and temperament. This is because, until very recently, all island dogs shared the same isolated gene pool. This makes the Potcake an extremely unique species of canine. Throughout the islands, you can see many of these local dogs that are in desperate need of a home and someone to love them.

 Potcake Collars has a really great selection of Collars, and Bandana’s for every size dog!



These are really nice collars, not to stiff and washable!


Maliblue - Lilo

I love how you can reverse the bandana’s!



They even had just the right size for Ella, she’s a very small

Miniature Schnauzer.


Lika – Kingston

I really like how the bandana’s just slide onto the collars, no more tying them on!



Don’t they look nice all dresed up! Seamus is the bigger one, he’s Chauncey’s dog and Ella is the smaller one and she’s Sloan’s dog. They’re getting ready to go for a ride!

You can connect with Potcake Collars on these social media’s, Facebook and YouTube.

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.


Mullet said...

We feel sorry for all the dogs down at the beach that arent wearing potcake.

helloglamour21 said...

Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following and I'm following you back now!!

Also, I love those dogs. They're adorable. :)

xoxo -Kia

Rose said...

cute dog item. just what a dog needs while goingout on a date. rose

MsBabyPlan said...

of course I will follow you.

Anonymous said...

My furry children look fabulous in their Potcake Collars!! They have a huge Potcake wardrobe, and they REALLY know they look as cute as can be! Thank you for the great idea on puppy attire!!

Chihuahua Girl said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for following me. I am now following you back. Great blog!

I love the doggie bandana's...too cute! I'll have to check those out in more detail very soon! :-)

Have a great evening!

~ Tina
Park Avenue Chihuahua

Christine (RememberDecember) said...

Cute collars (and dogs)!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Nichol said...

Super cute. I can't wait to get a puppy!