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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essence Of Vali Review

Welcome to Essence of Vali where you can enter the wonderful world of natural healing blends. Their formulas are 100% natural – they use NO harmful chemicals. All aromatic ingredients come from the plant kingdom – leaves, roots, seeds, peels, trees and flowers. The jojoba in their massage & bath oils come from the bean of the jojoba plant!

Essence of Vali products have won industry recognition for their fragrance, effectiveness and appeal to men, women and children of all ages. They are 100% natural using the healing energy of plants for health and well being. Each formula is comprised of a synergistic blend of plant essences. They are proprietary blends created by
Essence of Vali.

Sleep Soothing Mist
Sleep Soothing Mist Drift into a relaxing sleep the natural way with soothing plant essences of lavender flowers, cedar wood, marjoram leaves and ylang/ylang petals blended into a base of distilled water.

Simply mist the corners
of your pillowcase to ease into a peaceful sleep. You can also use the sleep mist as a room freshener, body fragrance or personal aromatherapy during the day to ease stress levels.

I just love this mist! I put it on my pillow when I have trouble going to sleep, it is so soothing and it makes me drift off. My sweet hubby has problems sleeping a lot and I think it's helped him too!

The second product I received to
review was the Essence of Vali Sleep Massage and Bath Oil. I used it in my bath water and soaked before I went to bed. The aroma is wonderful. It was a perfect complement to the Sleep Soothing Mist.
Sleep is our most popular blend and is a real treat when used in massage or in the bath. Drift into a relaxing sleep with plant essences
of lavender flowers, marjoram leaves, cedar wood & ylang/ylang petals in a base of100% pesticide free golden jojoba. Use in massage or bath.

Both these products have the scent
of lavender in them, which is a huge plus for me. Not to mention all products are 100% natural.

Be sure to stop by Essence of Vali and check out all their amazing products you may even sleep better!
They have a full line of items that include products for Sleep, Massage & Bath Oils, Aromatherapy Balms, Items for Pain Relief, Botanical Mists, Eau De Parfum and Gift Sets.

~I received a product sample in order to write my review. I received no monetary compensation. All opinions expressed are mine.

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