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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Xpad Laptop Cooler and Heat Shield Review

I recently received an Xpad Laptop Cooler and Heat Shield for review. I thought it would be so nice to have a pad to protect my table. I used the pad for a few hours and it did help cool my laptop, but it also made my whole house smell like cigarette smoke! It was kind of bad! I sprayed the pad on both sides with Fabreze and hung it out on the clothes line.

Then I took my laptop upstairs to use on my lap. My whole bedroom started to reek of cigarette smoke so I sprayed a cloth with Fabreze and wiped down the backside of my laptop. That worked great to take the odor away.

I wrote to the Xpad people and told them about my experience. They were kind enough to get right back to me to let me know that the smell was what is called out~gas and that it would go away if I put the Xpad in the sun for 2 days. I wish they would of sent some kind of warning about the smell in the package.

I have had my Xpad outside for 4 days now and I just checked it and it still smells just as bad. Since I'm going to be going out of town for a few weeks I've decided to just leave it outside and I'll check on it the end of the month and see if it usable or if I'll just end up throwing it out.

I wouldn't recommend buying an Xpad unless the smell of out~gas (cigarette smoke smell) doesn't bother you. There are lots of great review letters for Xpad on their website, so I guess I just got a pad from a bad batch.

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