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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Have A Big Girl Camera!

Last Thursday was our 30 Wedding Anniversary and my sweet husband surprised me! He kidnapped me for the evening! Yup, he said he was just taking me out to dinner, but after dinner he headed South instead of North. I was pretty tired from the hike I'd been on earlier that day, so he suggested I just take a little nap. Well, I'm really good at sleeping in a vehicle, so I went right to sleep. When I woke up we were just nearing Manti, Utah. Yup, that's wear we got married. He was such a sweetie to take me there. Of course by then it was getting really late (it's 3 hrs away) so we stayed at a motel. My sweetie even packed an overnight bag for me.

My present from my sweet hubby was a big girl camera! If you don't follow Pioneer Woman, that's what she calls a camera with a lens and a neck strap. So, now I need to learn how to use this baby! Good thing I have a 14yr old son who's already figured a lot of it out!

I knew right away that I needed to make a strap cover for my camera, so I did a little looking around to see what I wanted to make. I came up with this French Block print with a hand pleated and twisted red ruffle. On the right side of the strap I made a little pocket to hold the lens cover. I'm pretty happy with it!


Cecilia said...

Thank you for follow me! I'm following you back!
I liked the expression "big girl" camera, it just the way I call it too, I´m looking for a "big girl" camera too right now, and I think that one of the reasons it to make one of those cut straps :)

Have a nice day!

KimD said...

Congratulations on 30 years! I'm going on 3 and sometimes it feels like 30! All good of course! Your camera is SWEET! I think I'm gonna tell my hubs I want one for my anniversary too...but maybe not wait 17 years...I'm willing to wait 5.

Have a great Tuesday!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

First congratulations! wow 30 years, that's amazing!!!!, second I love the strap and third I need a "big girl camera" too =)