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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lehi Roller Mills Review

Today for Works For Me Wednesday I wanted to share something I found out at our local veterinarians office yesterday. They have a vaccine for rattle snake bites for dogs! We love to take our dogs hiking and it's one of the things I worry about. It helps the dog make it to the veterinarians office so the dog can have time to get the anti~venom. My veterinarian said it's best to get it in the fall so they can build up antibodies, but doing it now would still help.

I want to share with you some great mixes that I tried. Lehi Roller Mills recently sent me their Heart Healthy Mixes for me to try. The first one I tried was their new pancake mix. This mix is fantastic! All you do is add water and mix! Super easy and they taste great and their good for you!

They are made with whole wheat flour and they have no preservatives! I love that! The kids really liked the pancakes.

They also sent me their Heart Healthy Cookie mix. This mix is also super easy, just add water and then mix with a hand mixer and Viola! Cookie dough! Chauncey came in and tasted the dough and said he couldn't wait for the cookies to be baked!

The kids loved the cookies. Chauncey said they have a nice apple pie flavor.

The Heart Healthy Multigrain Muffin Mix was the next one we tried. I love this one too, just add water! This mix also has no preservatives. I have never liked mixes real well because usually when I grab one out of the cupboard it's because I'm running low on things, then I look at the mix and it needs eggs, and I'm out of eggs! Not so with this mix, just add water and mix and bake! I added a few chocolate chips, you know us, gotta have chocolate if you can!

Look at the yummy goodness! Nice fluffy muffins that taste yummy and are good for you!

Be sure and look for Lehi Roller Mills Heart Healthy Mixes next time you're at your local grocery store. They're on the baking aisle with all the mixes!

This review is my honest opinion and no money was given to me for it.


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