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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hard Candy Makeup Review

Do you love makeup? Sometimes I wonder if it's the little girl in me. It's always so fun to get some new makeup to try out. I love the whole experience, shopping for it, playing around with it the first time! Kind of like dress up! I was pretty excited to get a package in the mail with some Hard Candy Makeup! It came in this nice little bag. You can find Hard Candy Makeup Exclusively at Walmart,(or you can find it at and it is very reasonably priced, $5~$10! I love that!

Hard Candy sent me 3 products. One was the Take Me Out Liner in Sailor. It's a gorgeous blue liner and I love the shade of blue. It goes on really easy and I love the shape of the pencil, it's pointed at the end! It just makes it kind of fun to use!

The second piece I tried was the Split Personality Eye Shadow Duo. It's a gorgeous green on one end and blue on the other with sponge applicators on each end. It says you can get 50 uses from each end. Even though I loved the color, I didn't care for this product. I couldn't get any eye shadow out of it. I got a tiny bit the first time I used it, but after that the color wouldn't even come out. I don't know if I just got a bad tube or what.

The third piece I tried was the Lip Tattoo Lip Stain And Breath Freshening Gloss. Now, I'm not a lipstick girl. I love lipstick and I have a whole box of it, but for me it's easier to just grab a colored lip balm and put it on. I don't even need a mirror to do that! Well, I tried the stain, it's a great neutral color called Champagne that just barely added color to my lips. It has a nice sponge applicator, and I love the way it feels on my lips, kind of wet without being sticky. Then I put the clear gloss over it, it feels really good too, not sticky either. I will definitely be buying more of the Lip Tattoo, I can't wait to see what other colors it comes in!

So next time you're at Walmart be sure and look at the Hard Candy Makeup Line!

I want to thank Rebecca at Hard Candy for sending me some great makeup!

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Following you back from last week...gosh that is terrible huh??? I am a little late but none the less here and happy to be here! Thanks for stopping by my little food blog!
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