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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Best Beef Roast a blanket story and a giveaway

I was folding up Chauncey's blanket after it came out of the wash, and Sloan walked in and asked where Chauncey got the blanket. I told her that 14 years ago when she was born, she gave it to Chauncey. I told her that her dad helped me tie it. Sloan asked me why she gave Chauncey the blanket and I told her so that Chauncey would like her. Sloan said, well, it didn't work! I thought that was so funny! I had to take a picture of Chauncey with his puppy blanket. No, he doesn't use it any more, he wraps his dog in it at night. Actually Chauncey and Sloan get along pretty good most of the time. I love my kids at the age they are now, but they sure do grow up fast!

My family loves a roast when I cook it this way. We've been doing this to our roasts for years because it gives them the best flavor, and it's really pretty easy! We've used beef or pork roasts for this. It's a little messy, but the meat turns out nice and juicy. You can't make any gravy from it though. I don't have a picture of the sliced meat, because my family ate it all! If you have any left it makes a yummy sandwich!

The Best Beef Roast

1 beef roast
Mustard, I like a grainy mustard, but any mustard works
Kosher salt

Rinse your roast and pat dry. Cover top and sides with mustard (I just lay it in the pan, but if you have a helper have them hold it) Now pour the Kosher salt all over, real thick. Turn the roast over and do the other side. You want to try to cover all the mustard with the Kosher salt.

Now put it in the oven at 325 and bake for 2 hours. Test with a meat thermometer. I like to get it up to 160 degrees. Remove from the oven and use a spoon to break off all the salt. You should end up with just a little mustard on the roast. Put on a cutting board and slice and serve.

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pat said...

What an unusual recipe! :-) But it makes sense and it sounds delicious. Can't wait to try it. I'm on a low carb diet and this will work on my diet. Thank you! Like I said, can't wait.

Moxie said...

Oooo!! This sounds really good! I have seen whole fish packed in salt to roast it but haven't thought about the method for a roast. I'll have to give it a try :) Thanks!!

Jen said...

Your son is adorable. I can't imagine my boys being that big but know it will happen in the blink of an eye. I have used a similar roast recipe and it is mouth watering. Yummy, yum, yum! We have lots of snow today, how about you?

Jennie said...

HA! I just took pictures (bad ones) of my dinner tonight to post tomorrow and you beat me to it! Good, cause I didn't like the pictures anyway, but the roast was to-die-for! Love you!